Giving at Mission Hills

Financial generosity is part of the obedient life for everyone who calls Jesus the Lord of their life. From the earliest pages of Genesis and throughout the Bible, the Scriptures speak of tithes and offerings. Though often used interchangeably, they are actually different concepts. The word “tithe” means a tenth and represents the Bible’s representation of giving God the first part of our income right off the top. You can find some great articles on the biblical basis for tithing here. We wholeheartedly believe that tithing is one of the most tangible expressions of obedient faith in Christ. The word “offering” is generally used differently in the Bible to denote the idea of a gift above and beyond the normal 10% call from God. This is also something God occasionally asks us to do (read an article about this principle here).

Wherever you’re at in your spiritual journey, we encourage you to start getting involved in trusting God with your finances. For many, it is often one of the most spiritually formative experiences outside of meeting Christ as their Savior.

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